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"A listening to, and sounding board for,

the thousands of independently-owned-and-operated North American fitness facilities."

MSS Network is one the few remaining "independent fitness facility" networks in the country (perhaps the only one!). It is supported only by tax-declarable fitness education donations from independently-owned-and-operated clubs and a select group of small-contribution Recommended Business Solution Associates. No "party-line" stuff from big sponsors. No fluff or "spin" about the fitness industry. Just solid ideas based on data from you - our quarterly and annual survey results have created the Benchmarks that independents use to fine-tune their business efforts.

In an era where 16 corporate giants own 1/3 of all U.S. health clubs...and 46% of all national memberships...a network for independents' success is sorely needed. MSS Network is that group of dedicated owners and managers. If being part of that kind of dynamic "let's get it done" interconnection appeals to you, please go to our MSS Network Member Page.